Commercial and Residential Paving

Sewells Paving has been voted the best paving company seven years in a row in the Fredericton and Carleton County area.

Commercial Paving

Apart from residential services, Sewells Paving also strives to improve commercial constructions by ensuring safe and attractive paving and property maintenance for the greater Fredericton, Carleton County, Charlotte County and Moncton region.

Sewells Paving is a trusted and reliable paving contractor in terms of well-insured and cost-effective paving solutions.

Sewells Paving provides customers with custom-built and high quality produced pavement to earn utmost satisfaction and approval.

Residential Paving

By using Sewells Paving for your residential paving services, you will add value and charm to your home.

The dedicated team of experts and highly experienced workforce give priority and emphasis to the needs and requirements of customers.

The main services offered by Sewells Paving include: airports, subdivisions, municipialities, parking lots, tennis courts, speed bumps, sidewalks and driveways.

Our Paving Process

A paved driveway is only as good as what’s underneath. Should you not have 10 inches of crushed rock as your foundation, Sewells Paving can discuss the options to provide that. These are our steps:

  • Excavate driveway 12 inches and remove the old base
  • Lay fabric material to prevent mud (optional)
  • Add 10 inches of crushed rock
  • Rock is graded and compacted to ensure proper drainage
  • Pave 2 inches of asphalt

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Protecting Your Pavement

  1. Always try to “bank” the edges of your driveway with crushed stone or grass. This will help reinforce the edges of the driveway and help keep them from breaking away. Planting grass up the edge of the driveway will also eliminate a bump or a drop off.
  2. Always try to avoid turning your wheels sharply or while your vehicle isn’t moving. This will not hurt your driveway but will leave unsightly scuff marks. If this happens, simply leave the scuff marks alone, they will become less visible in time.
  3. Never pour gas, oil, diesel, etc. on your driveway. However, if this happens, avoid the spot and with time it will harden. You may also use kitty litter or sand to help dry the spill.
  4. Never place heavy objects on your driveway. For example, motorcycle kickstands, round pointed shovels, camper trailer jackets, etc. as this will leave unsightly dents in your driveway.
  5. Should a weed grow up through your driveway, simple spray the weed with an environmentally friendly weed killer.
  6. When the driveway gets its first crack, simply purchase some asphalt crack filler and apply as directed. This will eliminate water getting down through your driveway. Keep the crack filled as required. This will add years to the life of your paved driveway.
  7. You can seal your driveway every few years to restore the black finish your driveway had when it was new. Some argue this even gives strength to the surface of your driveway. However, it’s not a requirement that you even seal your driveway.
  8. It is best to wait 24 hours before driving on your newly paved driveway. If the weather is going to be extremely hot for the few days following your paving job, you may want to give it more time to set up.


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, refer to “Protecting Your Pavement” above or call 1-855-309-7283.

Can you pave over my current driveway?


How long before I can drive on my newly paved driveway?

Usually, 24 hours is plenty – but it all depends on the weather. If the weather is going to be extremely hot for the few days following the paving of your driveway, it may need extra time to settle.

What happens if a crack appears?

Cracks could appear anytime and unfortunately, it can’t be controlled. When the ground freezes and shifts, it affects the pavement above, potentially causing cracks. If this occurs, be sure to fill the crack with a proper crack filler for asphalt to ensure water does not get down through the crack and under your driveway. Filling the crack will also stop the growth of any grass or weeds.

Will my paved driveway be slippery in the winter?

Because the pavement is black, it draws the sun, making it much easier to keep snow and ice off your driveway in the winter. Also, due to the smooth and flat surface, snow removal is much easier. Salt also works great on pavement.

How long is the guarantee on my driveway for?

We offer a one year warranty on all of our paving jobs.

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