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Paving on Caribbean Islands

Union Island Airport

In 2009, Sewells Paving was the successful bidder for the resurfacing of the Union Island Airport in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

In April of that year, the business took their paving crew and left for the small island, with plans to stay for two weeks in order for the job to be properly completed.

The Sewells Paving crew was also there to manufacture and run the asphalt plant, which happened to be located on another island 16 kilometres across the Caribbean Sea, called Canouan Island. The trucks would fill up on asphalt on Canouan and then load one of three barges that crossed the sea, back to Union Island.

Once the barge arrived on Union Island, the Sewells Paving crew professionally placed the asphalt on the airport runway.

The government of Saint Vincent had closed the airport for two weeks for the resurfacing, but after eight days the paving had been successfully completed.

Canouan Island Airport

In 2011, Sewells Paving returned to the Caribbean to pave an eight and a half acre addition to the Canouan International Airport. The expansion to the airport apron was for additional airplane parking. The apron was built and paved to stand the load of a 737 jet.

Sewells Paving left for the Caribbean in March of 2011 for six weeks to complete the project. The project was finished on time and on budget. Sewells Paving completed the expansion with no interruption to local area airplane traffic. The crew worked with direct radio communication with the control tower to ensure the safety of arriving and departing aircrafts, as well as the workers.

Sewells Paving had to meet strict specifications when manufacturing the asphalt as it was all tested in an onsite lab to ensure quality. After completion, the pavement was laid entirely by the company’s crew.

The Canouan International Airport marks the second airport paved in the Caribbean by Sewells Paving.

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