Union Island Airport

Union Island Airport

In 2009, Sewells Paving was the successful bidder for the resurfacing of the Union Island Airport in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

In April 2009 Sewells Paving took their paving crew and left for the small Island 2500 kilometres south of Miami Florida. 

Once situated on the Island the work quickly got underway.


 The asphalt was manufactured on a nearby Island called Canouan Island.

Sewells Paving crew was also there to run the asphalt plant and load the trucks that were sent by one of three barges, 16 kilometres across the Caribbean Sea to Union Island.

Once the barge arrived at Union Island, more of  Sewells Paving crew quickly placed the asphalt on the airport runway.

The government of Saint Vincent had closed the airport for two weeks for the resurfacing, but after eight days the paving had been successfully completed.