Canouan International Airport

In 2011 Sewells Paving returned to the Caribbean to pave an eight and a half acre addition to the Canouan International Airport. The expansion to the airport apron was for additional airplane parking. The apron was built and paved to stand the load of a 737 jet.

Sewells Paving left for the Caribbean in March of 2011 for six weeks to complete the project.  The project was finished on time and on budget.  Sewells Paving completed the expansion with no interruption to local area airplane traffic. Our crew worked with direct radio communication with the control tower to ensure safety to arriving and departing aircraft as well as our workers.

The asphalt was manufactured and placed by Sewells Paving crew, the asphalt had to meet strict specifications when being made and placed. All the asphalt was tested in an onsite lab to ensure quality.

The Canouan International Airport marks the second airport paved in the Caribbean by Sewells Paving.