Q: How long should my new paved driveway last?

This all depends on the quality of the base under the pavement. Pavement is only as good as what’s underneath. You should have a minimum of 10 inches of a good quality crushed rock under your new paved driveway. In some conditions a geotec fabric should also be used.


Q: How thick should my pavement be?

2 inches with a proper base will be enough for your paved driveway.


Q: What do I have to do to maintain my new driveway in the years to come?

The biggest thing to watch for is cracks. When a crack does appear (and they always eventually do) be sure to fill the crack with a proper crack filler for asphalt to ensure water does not get down through the crack and under your driveway. Also filling the crack will stop the growth of any grass or weeds.


Q: How long before I can drive on my new paved driveway?

It all depends on the weather. Usually, 24 hours is plenty. If the weather is going to be extremely hot for the few days following the paving of your driveway, it may need extra time to set up.


Q: Why does my neighbor always roll that black sealer on his driveway each year?

Mostly cosmetics, however along with making your driveway look nice and black again, it does help to seal your driveway every few years.


Q: What should I do if I spill oil or gas on my paved driveway?

Do not spray with water, this will only spread it around. Use a kitty litter or dry sand on top of the spill.


Q: How long is the guarantee on my driveway for?

We offer a one year warranty on all our paving jobs.


Q: Will my paved driveway be slippery in the winter?

Because the pavement is black it draws the sun making it much easier to keep snow and ice clean in the winter. Also because of the smooth flat surface you can better clean your new driveway. Also salt works great on pavement.


Q: Will I get a written estimate, and how much does an estimate cost?

Estimates are written, guaranteed, and free.