Our Estimators

allenAllen Sewell has been employed by Sewells Paving since it started in 2000. Before that Allen owned and operated his own paving business since 1991.

Allen now does free written estimates for Sewells Paving and would be happy to stop by and discuss your ideas on having your driveway or commercial job paved.

Allen will discuss the proper way to build, compact, grade, and pave your driveway or parking lot. He can also discuss repaving an existing paved driveway.

Contact Allen at 506-471-4116 or email via allen@sewellspaving.com

darrelllDarrell Lawrence has been employed as an estimator for Sewells Paving since it started in 2000.

Darrell is available to do your free written guaranteed estimate any time.

He will offer ideas on what is the best way to pave your driveway.

He will focus on proper water drainage, a proper base, proper grading, paving and compacting you newly paved driveway.

Give Darrell a call today at 506-471-7504 or email via darrelll@sewellspaving.com

DevinDevin Lawrence has been with Sewells Paving since the 2013 paving season.

Devin is available to offer you a free written estimate for your commercial or residential paving project.

He can discuss various options and ideas that best suits your paving needs.

He will explain any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact Devin at 506-471-7996 or email via devin@sewellspaving.com


BrianBrian Madore has been with Sewells Paving since the 2014 paving season.

Brian can meet with you at you convenience to discuss all the benefits of having a paved driveway or parking lot.

His estimates are free, written and guaranteed not to change.

His ideas and designs will give you a driveway or parking lot that works for you.

Call Brian at 506-471-0229 or email via brian@sewellspaving.com.