Our Asphalt Plant

In 2012 Sewells Paving set up a new, state of the art asphalt plant in Fredericton. We can now control, quality and delivery times to meet our customers needs.

Sewells Paving Asphalt Plant serves the City of Fredericton, Town of Oromocto, Province of New Brunswick, and other paving contractors.  We manufacture our asphalt with nothing but the best of aggregates and blending sands, ensuring a guaranteed mix of asphalt every time.

Not only do we deliver to our customers quality asphalt, we do it in the one of the most environmentally friendly asphalt plants in New Brunswick.

Our asphalt is designed, tested, and monitored by qualified asphalt technicians. In 2014, Sewells Paving converted our plant over to burn clean natural gas, making one of the greenest, cleanest asphalt plants in New Brunswick even greener and cleaner.